Christmas is just around the corner and rather than focusing in on new gifts, we look to vintage for last minute and stocking stuffer ideas. ZIPPO manufacturing of Bradford, PA has been producing their iconic lighters since 1932. We scoured eBay’s auction listing for a list of 5 vintage and well-used lighters that speak to the history of the company as well as American’s devotion to ZIPPO. We share our picks in this gift guide.

 ZIPPO “1941-1945 Advertising Design” Limited Edition

While not technically a vintage lighter, we share this “new” ZIPPO as it highlights the classic advertisement of the ZIPPO Manufacturing Co. as shown during the 1940s. Find it and other similar products here.

1960s ZIPPO Lighter in Box

Our first vintage ZIPPO item comes from 1960. We share the exterior box of the lighter as it is in fine condition and showcases the iconic ZIPPO packaging of the day. Inside is a well-worn lighter that looks custom engraved for the original owner. Find it and other similar products here.

Deadstock, new in box ZIPPO for Magaw Corporation

Here is a classic example of ZIPPO advertising lighters. This deadstock, unsused ZIPPO showcases the Magaw Corporation known for their “Asphalts Construction How Mix.” These lighters were likely given out to clients new and old. Find it and other similar products here.

ZIPPO Owns Corning Advertisement Lighter

The king of all things fiberglass, Owens Corning delivered this advertisement ZIPPO somewhere in the 1960s. This well-aged specimen is a slim-line version of ZIPPO and is as sleek as it gets. Find it and other similar products here.

 ZIPPO Lighter Engraved with “Tom”

Who is “Tom?” Could be one of a billion folks on this planet with that name. But this Tom is special: he had his own ZIPPO engraved as a maybe a gift or a personal hand-me-down from Tom Sr. We certainly will not know exactly who owned this relic, but we do know we love the simplicity of this  ZIPPO.

Find it many more vintage ZIPPOS in our guide here.

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