Last week, Been Trill officially opened its flagship location at 271 Canal Street, Jeremy Lin left Nike for adidas, BAPE released its “Ape Face Knit” balaclava, Saint Laurent began selling its multi-zip motorcycle jacket in a new combination of black and ivory leather, Terry Richardson shot Kat Graham and A$AP Rocky, and the Kanye West-inspired digital cryptocurrency Coinye West was announced to be launching later this month. Below you’ll find a roundup of our favorite comments from the week, spanning the aforementioned topics and a few others. Be sure to keep the funny, interesting and bizarre comments coming, and in the meantime check out this week’s finest below.

#10 commented on: Been Trill NYC Store Opening and Exclusive T-Shirts

Nick Cannon: Anyone who walks out of there with a purchased shirt in hand should be punched in the face just for living.

#09 commented on: House in Yatsugatake by Kidosaki Architects Studio

Ross: think I just had a little trouser episode

#08 commented on: Following In Kanye West’s Footsteps, Jeremy Lin Also Ditches Nike for adidas

whotheowl: how insane of lin… it like its.. wait for it…. linsanity

#07 commented on: BAPE “Ape Face Knit” Balaclava

Ron Simms Jr.: i want this…but i’m black and don’t want to give people the wrong impression….

#06 commented on: Saint Laurent Multi-Zip Motorcycle Jacket in Black and Ivory Leather

Kevin Patrick Killilea: That pantomime biker gang I saw on msnbc is going ape shit right now.

#05 commented on: Kat Graham Stops by Terry Richardson’s Studio

Jordan Butters: Meanwhile, in other creepy talentless old rapist news….

#04 commented on: Kanye West-Inspired Cryptocurrency Coinye West Launching This Month


#03 commented on: Terry Richardson Shoots A$AP Rocky for ‘Purple Magazine’

B’Tol Bristol: I wonder if he showed ASAP his cock?

#02 commented on: Obscura Magazine Takes Us Inside Nike CEO Mark Parker’s Office

KC: amazing how the CEO of one of the most prominent brands of all time can turn out to be some psychedelic toy obsessive with a fetish for trapping goldfish in awkward positions.

#01 commented on: Been Trill NYC Store Opening and Exclusive T-Shirts

CFM: Its like Famous Stars and Straps but for Black People.

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