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Makerbot, creators of commercial 3D printers, yesterday unveiled the ‘Replicator Mini’ at CES 2014. The Mini is the brand’s breakthrough into the home 3D printing market, and while it might seem unnecessary to own a consumer 3D printer, that is what everybody thought when PCs were starting to make their way into homes. A 3D printer essentially makes something out of thin air, by constructing a three-dimensional solid object from a digital model via a computer and a varying number of materials.

This is big news for the tech industry, with comparisons being drawn between what Makerbot is trying to do and what Apple has done in the past. It’s still early to see what will come of this move and whether the technology will be accepted into everyday life, but what is certain is that Makerbot are truly pushing boundaries. By being able to make virtually anything, 3D printers are a way of expanding our skill set and opening our minds to new possibilities. Who knows, we might look back in 20 years and think how did we ever live without them?


Words by Marta Sundac
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