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The world of action sports product and retail has come a long way in the last two decades. Changes in the tradeshow circuit have opened new opportunities for surf, skate, and snow brands to showcase their wear alongside a new host of up-and-coming projects that focus not only on the sporting aspect of their categories but also on off-time wear.

AGENDA Show, which inaugurated their tradeshow season this week in Long Beach, California, presented “The Woods,” a showcase of brands and products that speak to a more tuned consumer looking for classic action sportswear, alongside an assortment of new brands that stay focused on the functional, no-frills wear. We spent some time in “The Woods” to find some of the best new products coming this Fall 2014.


Palladium x Alpha Industries Flight Jacket Boots

While Palladium Boots and Alpha Industries may not be inherently action sports brands, their garments are certainly worn by those involved during downtime off the board. The brands are no strangers to our pages and most readers will certainly be aware of both. But, for the first time, the two brands are coming together this fall for what looks to be one of the more anticipated releases of the season. Utilizing the iconic Alpha Industries flight jacket materials, Palladium wraps their signature boots from top to bottom in the nylon textile. The result is a strong silhouette with even stronger colorways to match.


Willicot Backpacks

A newer brand showing at The Woods, Willicot is an Australian/South Korean brand that’s been around since 2009. With world travelers in mind, Willicot delivered premium-build backpacks in solid and color-block looks. Willicot is focused on no-frills products that provide durable wear for even the most seasoned travelers. This makes them a perfect addition for those on the beach, mountain and city.  The collection is fresh to USA shores and may be more difficult to find, but with time, Willicot will have retail distribution here.


Katin Surf Board Shorts

In the late ’50s, the Katin family was producing canvas boat covers. By the 1960s and 1970s, Katin was outfitting surfers with their iconic board shorts. Today, more than 50 years on, Katin continues to deliver quality surf products to a new generation. The Katin collection for Fall/Winter 2014 is filled with casual wear for both water and land. Fans of classic surf heritage wear will appreciate the Katin lineup.


Pendleton Surf Original Board Shirt Fitted

Pendleton may not be a household name in the world of surf, but those on the West Coast have been fond of their fitted board shirt since the ’70s. Now in its second re-issue under the Pendleton Surf name, their Board Shirt returns keeping surfers warm out of the water.

The Pendleton Surf collection of shirts is a strong one that looks back through the Portland, OR mill’s back catalog to deliver prints and colors that work well for all. The collection delivers this Fall 2014 through select doors.


ourCaste Saul Jacket

Another new player in the realm of sportswear, ourCaste displayed a wide range of casual wear at AGENDA “The Woods.” Their waterproof-coated Saul Jacket was a favorite of ours from the show for many reasons. The primary reason being that they delivered the Saul using modern technical construction at a price point well below most of the majors. Fans of Nike‘s ongoing collaborative collections with Jun Takahashi under the GYAKUSOU name should certainly consider this offering from ourCaste. Matching Anderson pants and Rocco shorts complete the sportswear look.

AGENDA Show and The Woods continues their roadshow in New York City January 22 and 23. Stop in and say hello for us.

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Jeff Carvalho is Managing Director for Highsnobiety N.A. in New York City. He holds a journalism degree from Northeastern University.

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