The interplay between design and Scandinavian life is inherently congruent. This appreciation for useful design crosses over into various areas of lifestyle, most notably industrial design and apparel, as well as furniture and home décor. The Scandinavian region has characteristically shown an elevated comprehension of the ways in which design may manifest itself, and while many of us may subconsciously recognize this when seeing an exceptionally dope sneaker or uncommonly functional piece of outerwear, the application of design when properly understood is essentially boundless.

While it is often the individualistic and thoughtful details defining this transcendent predisposition of countries such as Denmark and Sweden that the world looks to in understanding effectual or “good” design, certainly a considerable list of authorities could be cited in speaking on this topic. Inarguably, holding a degree in spatial design from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts allows Karl-Oscar from Wood Wood to fall into this category of experts. In exemplifying a higher understanding of design, we were fortunate enough to speak with Karl about his approach in decorating a space. Whether one of Wood Wood’s seven flagship locations, or the area in which Karl spends time with his family, head over to Green Label to hear some of his thoughts.

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