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Known for exploring traditional pattern-cutting techniques and transferring them to unconventional fabrics, London-based menswear designer Joseph Turvey presents his Fall/Winter 2014 collection. We sat down to speak with the designer to learn more about the creative concepts behind his most recent collection. “I think the main theme within the collection was to celebrate everything myself and my team have achieved in such a sort amount of time,” Turvey explained. “I looked back at my favorite pieces from previous collections and wanted to redevelop them and enhance them.”

“Every season I want to work with new techniques and fabrics,” the designer continued. “I worked with embroidery and, in particular, embroidering over my hand drawn illustrations to enhance the overall look of the drawings. I printed onto organza for the first time and then fused parts of the print onto wool which completely changed the colour and texture of the prints… I think this was my favorite piece. Overall I felt the collection was much more wearable yet still maintained my design aesthetic.”

  • Photography: Lydia Garnett
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