The Way of the Dodo

In the ever-changing environment of East London, it’s becoming increasingly hard for long-time shopkeepers to keep their beloved stores open. However, those who are able ride the changing environment and stay open become hidden neighbourhood gems among a sea high-street sameness and assorted tat. Filmmaker Liam Saint-Pierre spent time documenting the activities of one of these relics of past times in The Way Of The Dodo. Ümit Mesut tells his story from working at Dalston’s famous Rio Cinema as a reel boy to becoming an avid collector of original film and film projectors, much of his hoard on sale in his own shop, Umit & Son, on Lower Clapton Road. “It’s quite sad nowadays to see a lot of cinemas are closing down and I get a lot of people coming to me and they ask me can I do a film screening for them and I’m actually overjoyed..” Press play.

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