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During this season’s Berlin Fashion Week, iconic American outerwear manufacturer Timberland hosted a “Style Studio” comprised of three unique workshops. Combining the worlds of creativity, versatility and style, the studio featured a scent-making workshop, a lesson on street style photography and a class in creating outfit grids. Of course, no Style Studio would be complete without an on-site barber.

Once we identified a number of scents, we were given the opportunity to create our own fragrance. Needless to say, without the proper training and experience, our scent was less than alluring. The street style photography lesson, on the other hand, had far better results as we soaked in the lecturer’s expertise and broke down example shots taken on the streets of the German capital. Moving on to the outfit grid, we chose unique pieces from a range of both new and vintage goods in order to communicate a cohesive story. Afterwards, we relaxed with some food and wine while listening to live music by Sun and The Wolf in what turned out to be a well-balanced event in the hectic schedule that is Berlin Fashion Week.

  • Photography: Ryan Hursh for Highsnobiety.com
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