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The former model and stylist gives us a peek into his Berlin office and talks about his role as Creative Director and Editor-in-Chief of ‘L’Officiel Hommes’ Germany.

Highsnobiety brought together two forward-moving entities, Götz Offergeld and B&O PLAY, for a closer look at what it means to be a master in the field of design. With one focused on fashion and the other on audio, both take classic design elements and infuse them with simplicity, aesthetics, heritage and quality. To discover the similarities between the two, we visited Offergeld at his office in Berlin-Schöneberg.

Upon entering Offergeld’s creative space, the similarities between the esteemed fashion aficionado and B&O PLAY are in plain sight – everywhere you look, perfected design is to be found. The old brickwork building destined to decay was tastefully brought back to life through Offergeld’s keen sense of design. Kept minimal, selected art pieces grace the walls while vintage furniture and footwear lay around unassumingly. Just as interesting as the rare books and magazines that sit neatly disheveled on Offergeld’s bookcase, however, is the story that led the former model here.

The story begins in 1998 when Offergeld moved to Berlin and began working as the Head Stylist for MTV Central. Once refining his skills of outfitting the decidedly cool crowd, he made his way over to fashion agency Totem Berlin, where he worked as Managing Director. Representing renowned designers such as Raf Simons, Kosta Murkudis and Diesel Style Lab, Totem Berlin, along with its mother agency Totem Paris, quickly became one of the new millenium’s most influential fashion agencies.

Eager to develop his own project, Offergeld launched the magazines Liebling and Fraülein. As the Creative Director and Editor-in-Chief, he soon discovered his passion for the endless possibilities provided by fashion magazines. Here Offergeld could apply his years of experience in the industry and combine it with his own unique creative vision in the same way B&O PLAY combines precision in audio engineering with contemporary design aesthetics.

Since launching these two magazines, Offergeld has gone on to serve the same two roles for Intersection Germany and L’Officiel Hommes Germany, furthering his position as one of Germany’s top fashion ambassadors. With no signs of slowing down, Offergeld mirrors the same path as B&O PLAY – applying the knowledge of yesterday with the brightness of the future.

Enjoy a peek into Götz Offergeld’s Berlin-Schöneberg office above and furnish your workspace with the best audio gear on the market over at B&O PLAY’s online shop.

About Götz Offergeld

Origin: Aachen, Germany
Current Residence: Berlin, Germany

Götz Offergeld entered the fashion world as a model for Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Paul Smith and Dolce & Gabanna. Later, he worked as a stylist and produced fashion stories for magazines such as The Face, Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin, Stern and Dazed & Confused. More recently, he founded the Liebling and Fräulein magazines. Since 2013, he has been the Creative Director and Editor-in-Chief of the iconic men’s fashion magazine L’Officiel Hommes Germany.

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