Tumblr is first and foremost known and appreciated as a gigantic photo community that enables its member to easily like and share their work with like-minded individuals across the net. However, in most cases this work consist of simply clicking a button to feed your own ever-growing, ever-hungry-for-more Tumblr blog. But once in a while we come across talented and creative individuals who actually go out there – be it for the fun of it or to make a living – to hunt down beautiful motifs to share with us. While we certainly did already showcase a bunch of interesting artists in our 5 Tumblrs feature, this week’s installment will focus entirely on five talented photographers and their original artworks.


Benjamin Heath

An expert when it comes to capturing delicately light scenes and ephemeral moods, LA-based photographer Benjamin Heath boasts a broad portfolio that skillfully blends portrait, nature and urban landscape.


Mark Rubenstein

The past 10 years Silver Lake-based photographer Mark Rubenstein spent hustling in the photo game, earning him recognition from such illustrious names as Marc Jacobs. Just recently he dropped a limited edition 100-copy photo book called Gone By Dawn that’s available now at Opening Ceremony LA and Paris concept store colette.


Brian Merriam

Brian Merriam is a photographer operating out of Brooklyn, New York. His photography pays tribute to the vast wilderness as well as the poetry hidden in everyday moments.


Sonya Yu

Raised in a food-crazed family, Sonya Yu appreciated a well-made meal from an early age on. Combining it with another big passion of hers, she now works closely together with some of the most talented chefs, showcasing their culinary skills in photographic form.



Last but not least we take a peek at the Tumblr blog of “Under the Radar” exhibition’s co-curator, which gives a vivid photographic account of everyday live and its rare and delicate moments that more often than not end up shamefully overlooked.

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