Where the runway meets the street

Filmmaker Harmony Korine has teamed up with Supreme for “Needle,” a short film that is part of a series of videos for their new collection. The unscripted video was shot in Cashville and follows a group of skaters as well as skate legend Mark Gonzales and magician David Blaine. Definitely not for the faint of heart, the short video easily makes for some bizarre viewing. Dazed Digital sat down with Harmony to explain a little bit about the project. To read the full interview, head here.

Were these videos scripted or did you just follow everyone with a camera?

No script, just an idea. We wanted to see what would happen if you put a bunch of psychos together in Cashville late at night in the cut. We wanted to make magic.

How did working with David Blaine come about? He seems like an unusual choice for Supreme.

He’s great. It makes perfect sense actually – he goes hard. He’s an original American headcase. Nobody else sticks shish kebab skewers through their biceps as a hobby. No one else gargles lighter fluid instead of mouthwash. No one else can rip off a chickens head and then re-attach it perfectly. No one else sleeps in a heated pizza oven at night. Classic shit.

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