Where the runway meets the street

American artist James Jean has teamed up with Los Angeles natives The Hundreds for a special collaborative collection. Having had a successful career that included collaborations with Prada and Phillip Lim, James left Los Angeles in 2012 after 15 years when personal tragedy struck. This collection is his reintroduction into the city, as the artist describes:

In the dead of night, I left Los Angeles a year ago to escape all the ugliness in my life, taking nothing with me and leaving nothing behind. I landed on distant shores, surrounded by palm trees and 3rd world traffic, but I missed the gentle waves, dusty succulents, and golden lights of my home for the past decade. As I was making new work to trade for food and shelter, I could see that the drawings recalled the vibrant energy and beauty of my former home. I wanted to give that energy back, to make an offering to the place that enriched me yet also destroyed me. There was an old friend over there that could accept the offering and disperse it throughout the land, so I sent out a message. It began, ‘Bobby, it’s been too long…’

Including a lineup of headwear, T-shirts, sweatshirts and skate decks, the collection features three designs titled “Coral Bird,” “Tiger” and “Wave.” Three prints featuring each of the artworks will also be available along with the release. The Hundreds by James Jean collection launches at The Hundreds stores and select retailers on February 20, and online from February 24.

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