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It’s not easy keeping up with all of Unionmade‘s joint projects. This one we just couldn’t ignore. If you’re looking for a waterproof coat that doesn’t make you look like you’re just out for a brisk hike with a local orienteering group (we like this look by the way) and are after something a little smarter, the ‘Novar’ from Mackintosh should do the trick. Less formal than the overcoats we’re used to from the brand, the pair go for a peacoat style, using wool from Bliss mill, bonded to a cotton fabric and given the Mackintosh touch with their famous waterproofing process. Four pockets, fully taped seams, navy trim and cut to fit slim, find one over here, head to the gallery for more and if you didn’t catch our behind the scenes tour of Mackintosh HQ click here.

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