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Following their recent collaboration with RTH, Gourmet teams up with the ATL Twins for their latest campaign shot by Kai Regan and All Day Everyday. Known for their role in Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers and their controversial lifestyle, the duo were captured while up to their usual hijinks in Los Angeles. Equipped with the footwear brand’s latest models and enough En Noir pieces to last them through the weekend, the two switched off between skating, clubbing at the SLS Hotel with Brooke Candy, and cramming as much hedonism into a trip to the City of Angels as possible. The only request was clearance to stay at The Standard, as they were temporarily banned. With access to the hotel, the ATL Twins starred in a private photo shoot at 3 a.m. with Van Styles. The trip came to a finale at Miley’s 21st birthday where the Twins ended up partying with her at the Roosevelt. While certainly a divisive choice of models, the duo’s skate-rat mentality combined with their emergence into the fashion world accurately represents Gourmet’s blend of high and low fashion.

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