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In an attempt to educate our readership further than our usual musical pit-stops of Kanye West and Jay Z, we’ve scoured all four corners of the web to bring you a weekly music roundup. In the inaugural This Week in Music we’ve selected a variety of music genres, from the familiar to the less familiar. Hopefully achieving a more accurate impression of the current music climate, including a taste of what is going on beneath the mainstream. This week features the latest track from Seven Davis Jr., who has boldly been hailed as “the next Prince.” The upcoming album that Pharrell Williams sprung on us was given a full stream via iTunes, and a rapper from North London who’s been hotly tipped as the next big thing by Jay Z himself, which nicely brings us full circle.


Seven Davis Jr – “P.A.R.T.Y”

The Los Angeles-based singer has been gradually building momentum with his rich hybrid of funk, R&B and house and it’s finally getting the recognition it deserves. Boldly hailed as a “new Prince,” Seven’s ranging talents ensure he lives up to the expectations. This week saw the release of his latest single, “P.A.R.T.Y.,” which is a perfect taste of his exceptional signature style. Listen here.


Pharrell Williams – G I R L

After surprising everyone with a last minute announcement of an upcoming album, a teaser video gave us a taste of what is to be expected. This week, he dropped a full stream of the album in question. And if you’ve never heard the gravitas of The Neptunes then this album might be for you, otherwise it’s one big wet disappointment. Either way it’s worth listening to, especially if you’re as keen to stay #relevant as Pharrell Williams himself. Stream it in full now via iTunes.


Little Simz – “Deranged”

Rapping for the past ten years has definitely attributed to Little Simz’s developed style, a style which goes beyond her 19 years. The North London rapper has been tipped by Jay Z as ready to blow, and who can argue with that? Her fourth mixtape, Blank Canvas, premiered on his Life + Times blog, and you can still download it for free here. It feels lazy to constantly draw comparisons between rappers but her track “Deranged,” definitely goes hard in the same way as Tyler, The Creator’s “Yonkers,” when it first dropped. Watch the video here and you’ll see what I mean.


Welcome to Chiraq Episode Six

Noisey’s ongoing series exploring the drill music scene in Chicago reaches episode six. Although the presenter may seem like a nerdy white boy playing the naive, curious docu-journalist, they still manage to get seriously involved with the crews. And this time around they take a more personal trip round Chicago with rising super-producer Young Chop and his mom. Check out the episode here.


 FKA x inc.

On paper, singer FKA Twigs’ ethereal voice and California band inc.’s soulful throbber would culminate in an enticing, otherworldly song. In reality, it all feels a bit too contrived. At the moment there seems to be too many artists desperate to reinvent R&B or reclaim it in their own way. Just let it be. Nonetheless, the visuals are beautiful enough in their own right to make it a worthy collaboration. Watch the video and find out for yourself here.

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