SLAM Kicks: Basketball Sneakers that Changed the Game is the new book by SLAM Magazine Editor-in-Chief Ben Osborne that sheds some light on the multi-billion dollar industry revolving around sneaker collecting. In particular, the book gives a thorough account of basketball sneaker history, featuring product photographs, alongside informative illustrations and amazing action shots of “kicks” on the feet of some the game’s biggest players. Ben Osborne takes a closer look at 33 of the most coveted and “game changing” shoes and their designs, as well as their influence and appeal off the court. In addition, the book contains compelling essays by well-known sneakerheads like Lang Whitaker, John Brilliant and Russ Bengtson sharing their experiences of the pre-Internet era of sneaker collecting.

Definitely a must read for seasoned sneaker pros as well as aspiring collectors, you can pre-order your copy now at your local bookstore or online.

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