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After launching our first This Week in Music feature last week, we return to it again with five more doses of music that hit the web this week. Sure there’s a lot of musical goodness out there, but unfortunately not all if it can make the cut. From videos to new tracks, we’d rather opt for a variety of releases that you’re less likely to have heard of than just more of the same old rappers. Just call it a musical education, delivered in one bite-sized post. This week features more Drill-goodness from Noisey’s Welcome to Chiraq, some hip-hop gold in the form of a Dilla-produced new Slum Village track and the video for Bok Bok’s track, “Melba,” which features singer Kelela.

Welcome to Chiraq – Episode 7

Yeah, sure I included this in last week’s This Week in Music but I would include it in every This Week in Music feature until the end of time if I could. I love it. Episode 7 of Welcome to Chiraq continues to explore the elusive Sosa phenomenon, the segregation of Chicago and societal forces behind the violent lives of the young people living in the South Side. Watch it in all its glory here.

Bok Bok featuring Kelela – “Melba”

LA’s strongest singer du jour, Kelela, has teamed up with record label Night Slugs’ co-founder Bok Bok. They’ve just dropped a video for the track “Melba,” which hits up ’80s funk with its stabbing synths and plucky guitar riffs. The visuals features a lo-fi hologram projection of Kelela between two speakers, on the glass tower of the inside of an impressive studio space. Just watch the video here and it will come together a lot clearer than I can ever describe.

Jam City – Earthly II

Don’t let the Amish-style album artwork mislead you. This mix from fellow Night Slugs member Jam City is packed full of jerking, dancehall-inspired, ragga-style tunes. And I’m not just throwing genre terms about wildly, he actually manages to fit that all in there. He’s even generously made the mix available for download, so you can appreciate his dancefloor selection while you’re out and about. Stream and download it via SoundCloud.

BAU Presents: The Good Book by The Alchemist & Budgie

BAU (Business As Usual) has embarked on a music endeavor with a new release. Working with producers Budgie and The Alchemist, they produced a special album box set. The concept album is made up of soulful, gospel samples and atmospheric beats with rapping from the likes of Action Bronson, Domo Genesis, J. Rocc and Prodigy of Mobb Deep. Limited to 1,000 copies, it’s presented in the style of a genuine leather bound book, with foil printing on the cover. Get your hands on a copy here, listen to a song off the album here, and watch the video that teases The Good Book here.

Slum Village produced by J Dilla – “Yes Yes”

Truth be told, this Slum Village track was actually released on the anniversary of J Dilla’s birthday. However, I feel that J Dilla’s posthumous production releases are all too often overlooked, and it’s something that I’m determined to change. So give a little of your time today to the late, great J Dilla, and I promise his music will give more than a little back to you. Stream the track in full here.

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