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Abso­lut Vodka presents #NextFrame, a collaborative project on innovative storytelling that pushes the boundaries of creativity. Bringing together artistic minds from all around the world, Absolut employed the talents of Rafael Grampá — Brazilian graphic novelist known for his ink work on titles like Daredevil and Batman — and British design duo Red Knuckles, to spearhead a project that included thousands of contributors recruited from Absolut’s Facebook page.

Based on one of Grampá’s characters — the darkly mysterious Vincent Black — he and Red Knuckles produced a 3-D animated film for Absolut’s #NextFrame. The project gets its name from Grampá sharing his production process frame by frame with live updates from his studio to fans of Absolut’s Facebook. The entire #NextFrame project pushed — and continues to push — everyone involved to try new things and explore their creativity. 

Where did the idea to create a film based on creative ideas and input from fans come from?

I talked about my desire to make a short film, and Absolut suggested that fans could share their ideas on Facebook. I thought that was an interesting idea because it would be a good chance for people to lose their fear of putting their ideas out there. I intend to use the project as a channel for expression and communication with the biggest audience that it can reach.

What’s been the most exciting part of this crowd-sourced project so far?

It’s seeing an international community of artists or aspiring artists put their ideas out there. There were artists from more than 20 countries sending their ideas.

What elements do you look for when integrating ideas from the outside into your work?

Ideas that go with the story and the world that I’ve created. It’s not the quality of the drawing but how much the idea fits with mine. For the story to work, I created a filter with my style so I could preserve and maintain the atmosphere and aesthetic that I wanted from the film.

Has this project inspired you to work with others in the future?

You can be sure that this will not be my only film.

Visit the Absolut Facebook page to see more behind-the-scenes photos of the #NextFrame project. Stay tuned for the full animated film premiering this Friday, March  14, at the MADE cul­ture space in Berlin’s Alex­an­der­platz.

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