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Ressence assimilates the words “renaissance” and “essence.” Renaissance stands for the rebirth of what is essential to a watch, to display time. Ressence offers a contemporary evolution of time representation using the same universal patterns learned to read time on a traditional watch. Spherical discs displaying hours, minutes, seconds and days revolve under a domed sapphire crystal. The discs continually revolve, as does the whole dial itself. The indications engraved in the discs are filled with Super-Luminova and glow green in the dark. The display system has been invented, developed and patented by Ressence and comprises 18 gears and 28 jewels (out of 56 jewels in total). The sapphire case back fulfills the functions of the crown, turning the back case in both directions sets the time. For more information on the mind-blowing Type 1 watch please visit Ressence.

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