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Jen Selter came to prominence due in large part to her Instagram account and her willingness to showcase her ample backside which she credits to an arduous fitness routine. While others have capitalized off digital notoriety in the past – with people like Justin Halpern and his Twitter account “Shit My Dad Says” coming to mind – it seems Selter has graduated to high-fashion modeling. Gracing the pages of April’s issue of Vanity Fair, the publication says, “Selter’s derrière extraordinaire has made her a member of a rapidly rising subset of Instagram stars: young women unafraid to share their deeply bronzed, sculpted figures in neon spandex, who want to share their #fitsperation thanks to #cleaneating, #determination, #cardio, and so much more #hardwork.” To see more photos and read the rest of the article please visit Vanity Fair.

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