Recycled Firefighter

So, you want a wash bag that’s both manly and kind to the environment. Always imagined yourself driving a red engine and wearing braces but too scared of heights to join the emergency service. Well, look no further than Recycled Firefighter, a brand turning water hoses into accessories. Designed and produced by Kentucky firefighter Jacob Starr as a creative side project, while this may sound like a quirky gimmick, the product itself stands up. A solid design with no unnecessary detailing, the rugged material looks great and can survive all kinds of punishment. Starr explains “Made from 2 layers of woven synthetic canvas sandwiched inside a waterproof jacket, fire hose is made to survive cuts, abrasions, and fire. In a typical career hose is dragged over glass, pulled down the road, hauled up and down stairs and typically abused in ways only firefighters can imagine.” So, hitting the hotel bathroom floor shouldn’t cause too much of a problem. Double stitched, fitted with YKK zips and webbing handles, this small scale project is most definitely worth a look. Find them all here.

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