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As part of their new “#NEXTFRAME by Absolut” project, Swedish vodka brand Absolut have teamed up with Brazilian award-winning graphic novelist Rafael Grampá on an exclusive animated film. Absolut wanted to give Grampá the chance to transform his craft from 2D sketches into 3D animated characters, by giving him the opportunity to assume the role of director for the first time. The interactive project invites fans to propose story development ideas on the Absolut Facebook page, with the artist personally selecting his favorites and incorporating them into an animated film.

The outcome is an interactive collaboration in which a digital interaction screening of the film and accompanying exhibition was showcased at the MADE by Absolut space in Berlin. The space acts as a creative platform for artists from different disciplines, and offers a gallery, studio, performance and workspaces, and other interdisciplinary projects. Facebook proposals are no longer open, with the film’s exclusive premiere held on Friday, March 14. Head over to Absolut to find out more about the “#NEXTFRAME by Absolut” project and watch Rafael Grampá’s Dark Noir below.

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