The essence of a man’s look is in his accessories.” – Jalen Rose, 2013

Of course, a NBA basketball analyst doesn’t have much to do with snowboarding but we all love flare. Whether it’s subtle like a fancy shoelace or all up in your face like some diamond-studded sunglasses, accessories can set the mood and provide you with some added comfort or functionality.

Snowboarding brands provide a variety of accessory options, but unlike a limited edition print on the back of a raw denim jacket, we’d vote that it’s more important to accessorize with functional pieces rather than aesthetically pleasing ones. Looking great is always nice but for a cold winter lifestyle activity, your excess stuff should serve a useful purpose. Here are a few items from some top-notch brands that will make your winter more enjoyable in addition to turning some heads your way.

Peep one of our picks above and see the rest over at Green Label.

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