This installment of 5 Tumblrs We’re Enjoying This Week features a multitude of art, architecture, design and, of course, women and penguins. We tried to cover multiple genres while staying true to our core interests. Let us know what you think about this week’s selection and leave some recommendations for next week in the comments down below.



Featured on booooooom’s Ultimate List of All the Best Art and Photos Tumblrs, this feed is run by 20-year-old musician and photographer Tyler Meyers.



This collection of art, oddities and visual culture is curated by Kelsey Halliday Johnson, an artist and writer based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Je suis perdu

A continuous project by Brooklyn’s Winslow Laroche, this particular Tumblr is the medium for which a visual artist expresses himself mainly through photos.


Art Ruby

A daily bulletin that brings together the most relevant news, exhibits, products, and design innovations in the art world to create a site where the multifaceted and intricate culture doesn’t seem so intimidating. “The Most Fantastic Art Journal on the Web.”



Focused on architecture, design, women and everything else you want to indulge in, this blog is for those who have taste for all things well-designed.

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