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Los Angeles-based artist Geoff McFetridge presents his latest work in “Meditallucination.” Included are 13 new paintings on canvas, all done in a minimalist style inviting viewers to finish what he started. McFetridge’s distinct visual language is featured throughout with nothing superfluous or extraneous. Regarding the work, the artist communicated:

I have always been interested in creating work that lies between image and language. Imagery that your mind ‘reads’ as language rather than seeing them as spatial or physical things. These graphic images are for me a way to induce a misfiring of our mind to create a connection, and resonance for the viewer. I want them to feel something, not happy, or sad, but to feel like the letter T.

“Meditallucination” runs from March 22 to April 26 at Copenhagen’s V1 Gallery.

V1 Gallery
Flæsketorvet 69-71
1711 Copenhagen V

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