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Architectural photographer Marc Gerritsen presents the Naked House, a home he designed for himself in Koh Samui, Thailand. As life in Taipei is very hectic, Gerritsen created a home located in a quiet area with a fantastic view. Over three stories, the home includes two bedrooms on the bottom; the pool, living area and kitchen on the middle level; and an office on top, with the later addition of a bathroom, laundry room and pantry on the living room level. A freestanding open-air bathroom has also been added as the top room became a master bedroom which needed an en-suite, while the tank and plant room became a large open room with a swing bed. Underneath the deck, a steam room was added, and the space below the bedrooms now houses an office and maid’s room. In total, the private residence is now five stories and is still considered a work in progress.

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