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Alexia Hentsch is the cofounder of contemporary menswear label Hentsch Man, the brand known for its classic cuts and good sense of humor; which could be said, stems from Brazilian-native Alexia’s easy going but slightly neurotic lifestyle and outlook. Alexia grew up in Switzerland but now lives in London where she started out at Winkreative with a background in graphic design, which quickly lead her to starting up Hentsch Man with family friend Max Von Hurter. With no official design training, Alexia is self-taught and has big plans for the brand over the next couple of years; already creating a stir with key stockists including Opening Ceremony, colette and MR PORTER, to name a few.

Describe the general atmosphere of your home.

Cosy. Full to the brim – I’m a hoarder.

What is your favorite room?

Definitively my bedroom.

What do you feel is the most important aspect of a living space? 

Calm, quiet and homey. Somewhere to retreat from the craziness of everyday.

Any prized pieces of furniture or art? 

I accidently bought a Barber Osgerby Loop table from my former employer about 10 years ago. We were moving offices and he didn’t know what to do with the table, so he offered it to anyone who wanted it for £200! I jumped on it.

I also love the artworks I have in my living room. Paintings I bought from fellow RISD students the day we all graduated from college.

Do you like to entertain in your space?

Yes for sure. I like to cook so I’m always happy to have people crammed around the dining room table.


Text and photography by Lydia Garnett

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