We love print. Although it’s been drilled into our heads that “print is dead,” we can undoubtedly still find new and amazing magazines — about everything. With warm weather upon us now, we chose to round up our favorites from the world of surf. Many of these, although surfing-based, are unique looks at the arts and culture in their own respective right. Take a look at our list below and go buy some print.


Saturdays Magazine 

Saturdays Surf NYC is the go-to spot in New York City for gear, clothing, coffee, and now, even their own magazine. The publication is a pleasant surprise and departure from a typical editorial approach to surf. First and foremost, no ads; second, its hefty size. It feels more like a coffee table book than magazine. Interviews feature a diverse range of subjects from artists and designers to surfers and other athletes. Overall, Saturdays is a refreshing look into the incredible and unique culture of New York and its inhabitants with a focus on surf. Buy it here.



Starting from a successful kickstarter in 2012, WAX has developed into an underground staple for surfers and print enthusiasts alike. The biannual mag is an exploration of the “intersection of art, culture and surfing” in New York. Each issue is produced around a unique theme like “Flux”and organized into sequential parts. WAX features incredible photography and graphics from acclaimed artists and designers, so it’s an easy pick-up even for those new to the culture. Buy or subscribe here.



Among this already-niche and unique collection of print, Acid is a standout. They describe it best: “Acid is a magazine about thinking and marveling, looking at the world through surfing.” The publication is humble and approachable: The front cover of their newest issue features “Mats” from Norway and a description of him and his friends. Pick up issue no. 2 here.


What Youth

What Youth is a quarterly publication, film series, and online outlet (that doesn’t report news) all around the idea of “youth on the run with a surfboard.” You’ll find amazing surf and skate action photography, beautiful girls, and more. The oversized publication is printed on glossy paper and will definitely be a fixture on the coffee table. Buy it here.


The Surfers Journal

The Surfers Journal is a bi-monthly that’s unique in that it’s a reader-supported publication. They get by with only six sponsors per issue, meaning that almost all of its 128 pages are editorial which makes for a much more fluid reading experience — reading being the key word. Although you’ll find some of the best photography out, the publication prides itself on unique and rather scholarly take on editorials. This is the surf mag for grown ups. Subscribe here.



Stab is dual-cover publication that features the best in gear and girls on one side, and amazing surf content on the other. Unlike many in niche subcultures, Stab is about progression and supports anyone who is interested in surfing and its lifestyle. Very refreshing. We’re stuck between girls or surf. Learn more here.


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