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We present the latest entry in our ongoing Highsnobiety Visits series, where we take you inside influential spaces across the globe.

Introduce yourself to our readers.

My name is Duffy Jewellery and I’m a jeweler. I both design and make bespoke jewelry from my studio in Shoreditch East London.

Describe the general atmosphere of your studio.

Relaxed, definitely relaxed! Without sounding like a complete hippie most people say it has a good aura to it.

What do you feel is the most important aspect of your studio?

It has so much natural light which is beneficial to me, both with my work and my own sanity. My old studio had nearly no windows and it definitely started to effect the way i felt.

Any prized pieces of furniture or art?

Probably my framed tshirt from when i was at a skateboard competition in 1997. I was 14 and its signed by Pat Duffy, Daewon Song, Geoff Rowely, Jamie Thomas, Ronnie Creger and Tim Braunch (R.I.P.).  It reminds me of being completely care free, doing homework on the bus and just waiting for the bell to go so i could go home and go skating with my brother and his mates.

How do you manage your storage requirements?

Theres a mezzanine in the studio which is pretty good for stashing things i don’t use that regularly. I can hide them away up there. For everything else i just built plenty of shelves and work units.

Talk about the location of your studio and how that impacts your overall lifestyle.

My work is more than a job, making jewellery is my passion, its a massive part of my life. My studio is therefore more than just a place i go to earn money. It has to assist me in my creative process and is also a place to socialise. My door is always open and the studio is a place i just hang out with friends. Its often the case that evenings out will start off there or end up there at some point. I only live a five minute stroll away which means i can arrive at work without the stresses of having just been sardined onto some bus or tube.

Tell us about your favorite piece of furniture or equipment in your space.

I have an old Myford Metal Work Lathe that i got when i was 17 from the antiques dealer i used to work for, it was from a house clearance we did and it was in the shed rusty and broken. I bought it off my boss for £70 then broke my back getting the thing to my parents. I took every cog, nut and bolt on that thing apart, stripped it all down with petrol and wire wool, painted and oiled it then put the whole thing back together, stuck a new motor on it and it worked. I stank of petrol for days! It takes up a load of space in my studio and only use it quite rarely but i can’t bring myself to part with it. Plus it looks great.

Is there anything specific you do to keep your workspace inspiring?

Not specifically, make sure its loved and used.

How do your tastes differ in terms of aesthetics between your work space and living space?

My studio has all sorts of stuff in it and is much more cluttered. My Living space is pretty minimal and immaculate, i get a bit OCD with my personal living space. I think as my work space is cluttered and the work itself encompasses such a large amount of my head space when i get home i like to be able to detach myself just a little. I suppose it helps create a balance.

If you could add something new or change one thing about your space what would you do?

Space! It could always be bigger with more tools and equipment to help my work progress.

Do you find scent an important aspect of a home?

Sure, no one likes a bad smell.

Text and photography by Lydia Garnett

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