A flask can come in handy in a number of (dull) special occasions where things need a bit of spicing up. We’ve put together a collection of flasks ranging from modern staples to antique relics from the 1800s. It’s worth finding a proper companion for your back pocket in case of emergencies. See our picks below.


Stanley Stainless Steel Flask

Stanley is a camping supply classic and is especially known for their stainless steel flasks. The steel interior is odorless and tasteless so no worries. This 8-oz flask is the perfect back pocket companion and comes in an array of color options. Find this and more Stanley flasks here.


Filson Leather Flask

We all know Filson, another American classic. This is the perfect pick if you’re trying to dress things up. Think wedding or graduation ceremony. If you get caught, at least get caught in style. Find it here.


Antique Ceramic Flask

If you’re looking for something a bit different, we suggest going vintage. This antique ceramic flask shaped like a book does the trick. The cork stopper really adds for extra charm, but may prove unsuited for a coat pocket. Find this any many more vintage items here.


Antique Sterling Silver Flask

If you’re more concerned with the container than the actual liquid, we suggest this sterling silver hip flask. This is more than 100 years old and has definitely served its purpose. Find more antique hip flasks here.


Teacher’s Scotch Whiskey Flask and Case

This large glass flask by Teacher’s Scotch Whiskey comes with a classy plaid zip case. Keep your booze safe and hidden from public view. This might not be the most stealthy of options, but it will definitely get the job done. Find it here.

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