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After a brief but painful hiatus we’re back this week with another dose of what the music industry has been cooking up over the past week. It’s possible that Kylie Minogue may not be to all of your tastes, so we’re here to present some of the more interesting things on offer. In today’s feature of This Week in Music, we’ve included an interesting debate on the inequalities of the U.S. prison system featuring the thoughts of Nas, the new record from Freddie Gibbs and Madlib, and a new song by SZA featuring Chance The Rapper.

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – Piñata

Although this album dropped in mid March, I’ve been spinning it ever since. It’s yet to grace our site so what better avenue to introduce it to you than through this feature. This collaborative studio album sees Madlib return to his beat-making prime, with lyrical goodness from Freddie Gibbs who has described the LP as “a gangster blaxploitation film on wax.” Cop the album on vinyl or mp3 from their website.


Tirzah – “No Romance”

British musicians Tirzah and Micachu created some kind of magic with their lo-fi EP, I’m Not Dancing, that they released last summer. Now they’re back together on a song titled, “No Romance.” The lovely loop might become a bit of an endurance test to the non-initiated but get your ears round their first EP and you’ll be looking forward to the second, which is out on April 21. Listen to “No Romance” in full here.


SZA Feat. Chance the Rapper – “Childs Play”

Top Dawg Entertainment’s first lady, SZA, has teamed up with Chicago’s latest loudmouth, Chance The Rapper. The single “Childs Play” features SZA singing over a chilled beat produced by XXYYXX. It’s great to see SZA exploring new directions but it would be even greater if she explored a little harder, because it just doesn’t feel like she’s fulfilling her potential just yet. Listen to the track in full via SoundCloud and see what you think.


Nas in “Incarcerated Justice”

The American prison system has long been a subject of discussion due to a fairly widespread knowledge of its unbalanced equality. Throughout his career, rapper Nas has has been vocal about his views on the matter and he goes a step further in this debate, which also features Angela Davis, and is moderated by Dr. James Peterson. He shines a light on a subject which is now dangerously intertwined with the music industry, which arguably contributes to the matter. Watch the debate in full via Vimeo.


De La Soul – Smell the DA.I.S.Y (Mixtape)

After releasing their full back catalog for free download back in February, De La Soul are treating their fans to some brand new material. They’ve shared their new mixtape Smell the DA.I.S.Y which features posthumous production from J Dilla himself and reworked classic De La Soul lyrics. The mixtape also comes with the Dilla documentary, Still Shining, and you can download it now via BitTorrent.

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