Subcultures spark ideas that influence society; being part of a subculture takes passion and commitment which requires you to explore outside the everyday. We spoke with Danielle Levitt about the subculture concept, Reebok’s values, her new book ‘We Are Experienced’ and more.

New York-based photographer Danielle Levitt has a wide following in the fashion and art worlds, her work has appeared in numerous publications including The New York Times Magazine, GQ and Arena Homme Plus. While producing this commercial work, Levitt also pursued her passion for documenting American youth. The result is We Are Experienced, a series of portraits depicting adolescents in a variety of urban, suburban, and rural settings, as individuals and in groups. Most recently, Levitt teamed up with Reebok Classic to shoot the Reebok Classic Spring/Summer 2014 “Tribes” campaign. Celebrating authentic modern subcultures that draw inspiration from retro fashion and trends, the campaign places focus on two key product categories, pump and running. Check out a portion of the campaign in the gallery above and read through our interview with Danielle Levitt regarding the aforementioned topics below.

How did you come up with the concept of “Subcultures?”

I wouldn’t say that I came up with the term…I was working, it was about 10 years after high school, and I was traveling a lot for work; I started to notice a lot of kids around. I was curious if what I had experienced at that age still held true. I discovered that it did, and didn’t – there were new experiences, new signifiers, new families. I also realized that my response to it was different, when it wasn’t my way of identifying myself, I found that I could move in and out of all of these groups and participate in all of their identities.

How does the Reebok Classic Spring/Summer 2014 campaign relate to your own photography book, We Are Experienced?

This campaign is allowing me to focus on a myriad of scenes and tribes which are picked directly from my subjects.

What is your relationship with Reebok Classic?

I’m a fan of the brand and appreciate that they want to help celebrate and highlight my work.

How did you choose the crew and influencers that are part of this project?

We wanted to pick groups that would authentically identify with the brand. It was a very natural convergence.

What’s been the most exciting part of this project?

Meeting the multitude of kids who distinguish themselves through style & the people they hang with.

The most unexpected?

That Reebok Classic could be so tuned in to contemporary culture that they see the value of these different cultures.

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