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Inspired by nature and captivated by the city, Satta is rooted in the desire to restore a balance and simplicity to our lives in the concrete jungles. Each board the brand makes is unique in some way, from the grain of the wood, to the species of tree used. The majority of the used is salvaged offcuts from local timber mills or their own wood shop in Brixton, South London. Taking cues from the classic skateboard designs of the ’70s but with a contemporary twist, Satta boards are rideable works of art. Each board is hand finished and all of the graphics are screen-printed by hand in the wood shop. We recently had the opportunity to stop in and visit with Joe Lauder at his Satta studio residence.

Describe the general atmosphere of your space.

It’s pretty tranquil in here. Raw and woody, too.

What is your favorite area? 

I’m not sure if I can call it an area, but this cushion on the floor is my favorite place to be.

What do you feel is the most important aspect of a living space?

Being a live/work studio, for me the most important thing is a balance between being surrounded by things which are visually inspiring to me, and also being able to switch off and zen out when it’s time to.

Any prized pieces of furniture or art?

I’d say these thangkas I brought back from Tibet are my favorite pieces of art. They took months to paint and every time I look at them I find something I haven’t seen before. Also, this old mudcloth from the Ivory Coast. Pretty stoked on the signed Alva posse deck too!

Do you like to entertain in your space?

In all honesty, not really.

Do you like to cook in your kitchen?

I cook most days but often go down to my friend’s veggie cafe for lunch in Brixton market just to break the day up. He makes the best ital sip.

How do you manage your storage requirements?

I don’t have many personal items, most of the stuff is workshop related and the workshops slowly grown and eaten into what was my living space. My other storage management technique is hiding things where I can’t see them; out of sight out of mind.

Do you find scent an important aspect of a home?

Most definitely. Whenever someone comes in the first thing they mention is the smell of wood. I’m pretty obsessed with incense – it’s burning all day every day. Bhutanese in the morning, nag champa throughout the day, Tibetan in the evening and Frankincense on the weekends.

Talk about the location of your home and how that impacts your overall lifestyle.

So, it’s in Brixton. I’ve always lived in South London but moved here five years ago because of two things: the strong sense of community and Brixton Beach, my local skatepark. It’s rad cause I can roll down the hill whenever and there will always be a bunch of friends hanging at the skatepark. I love Brixton, it feels like home.

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