Following the launch of the Unexpected Casting Campaign, Alcatel ONETOUCH teaches us the ins and outs of taking a selfie. Like any art form, there’s a science to taking a selfie – especially when the chance to be the face of the upcoming Alcatel ONETOUCH global advertising campaign is on the line.

For the campaign, three lucky participants with the most creative selfies in the five styles – naughty, wild, geek, dumb and kiddo (childish) – will be selected by the company’s judges after April 23 for the Alcatel ONETOUCH global advertising campaign. Making the big decisions are Bryan Boy, Evan Orensten, cofounder of Cool Hunting, and Adriana Gastélum, founder of Fake Leather. To increase your chances, follow these five steps below and then upload your selfie here.

1. Location, location, location. It goes without saying, in a proper selfie bathrooms are not acceptable. Ideally you want the background to be something that has at one point or another been in a calendar. Think the Eiffel Tower or the Cycladic architecture of Santorini. Extremes work as well – as long as you’re up for the risk – like on a roller coaster or side-by-side with a world leader.

2. Lighting. You absolutely do not want to rely on your phone’s flash. Natural lighting is preferred but if that isn’t an option, soft, artificial lighting can be flattering too. Don’t let your impatience get the best of you and seek out a well-lighted source. Yourself (and your followers) will thank you.

3. Wardrobe. Whether you’re on the beach or in the library, your outfit says more than you could ever possibly imagine. Take your time assembling each piece (or lack thereof) and present your best possible self.

4. Facial positioning. Any professional photographer worth his weight will tell you the key to looking good in pictures is to position your face so your jawline is accentuated – even if your jawline isn’t that strong to begin with. To do this, simply pull your forehead forward and tilt your head down ever so slightly. The difference will astound you.

5. Creativity. The best selfie shooters leave the viewer asking, “then who was camera?” This takes an exceptional amount of planning to pull off, but if you can do it, you’re in it to win it.

  • Photography: Barry Nobles
Words by Staff
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