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We continue our series with a visit to Brooklyn’s Cadet, a military-inspired menswear label that keeps everything in-house. Everything. Founders Bradley Schmidt and Raul Arevalo handle all tasks from initial sketches, design and sourcing to production, management and brick-and-mortar retail. We travel to their humble studio and factory in Bushwick to learn more.

We arrive in the midst of full production. A tight-knit group of cutters and sewers work meticulously on a floral blazer and matching shorts. Arevalo, who has a background in design and manufacturing, explains that the summer suit will be complete and available by the end of the week (They only began working on the garment three days prior). Right now, Cadet has doors in New York’s Williamsburg, East Village, and most recently, the West Village. Cadet directly monitors sales and connects face-to-face with their unique clientele — a luxury most young brands cannot claim.

Cadet doesn’t do wholesale; you can only find their products in one of their shops or online. Although working with major retailers could be a major payday, they have chosen to cut the middleman to provide honest prices and grow at their own pace. Cadet’s fully vertical system is a rarity among fashion brands as many outsource their labor, design, and even sales.

For a business that’s only two years old, we’re excited to see what the new few will bring. Walk with us and take a look at their factory and studio in the gallery above. Learn more about Cadet online and make sure to visit their stores.

Words by Thomas Welch
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