Where form meets function

With its user numbers increasing and rival services popping up all over the place like molehills in spring, Spotify has made a move to modernize with a full interface redesign across both its desktop and mobile platforms. Switching to a more iOS7-aligned typeface, the new UI opts for sleek black over the slate gray theme of before, with the now-customary principles of flat design all clearly on show.

The mobile app now has a whole host more of touchscreen actions, all of which are intended to make the process of browsing and organizing your music as easy as possible on-the-go. Playlists, meanwhile, are set to play an even bigger part in the software’s future, as it seeks to fight off competition from upstarts like Dre’s Beats Music. Existing users of Spotify on Mac, PC and iPhone can get the update right here, while Android users will get theirs very shortly.

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