Born in London, Lawrence Young left school at 16, had dodgy jobs for about four years, started working in production on music videos and finally got a job as a runner at a post-production facility in London. He then taught himself Avid Media Composer and began cutting music videos. After moving to Los Angeles, Young worked for Propaganda Films as second assistant director while continuing to cut and edit music videos on the side. He then decided to move to New York City to become an assistant editor and learn the language of advertising. He currently works as an editor for Union Editorial.


Clothes: Obsessed.

Movies: Old.

Music: Hip hop, jazz, funk, reggae and latin, with a little bit of rock n’ roll thrown in for good measure.

Queens Park Rangers F.C.

Food, coffee and shitloads of candy.

Friends who constantly inspire me on the daily.

London, New York City, Paris.

What’s your favorite aspect of your work space as a whole?

It’s a clean, creative environment that includes a great set of people.

Tell us about your favorite piece of furniture or equipment in your space.

I suppose my Eames chair that I sit in for hours on end – keeps my ass comfy. My art is important, too, as it makes me feel at home and is an extension of me I guess. My Muhammad Ali canvas beating Sonny Liston in Miami 1964 against all odds and foul play is always inspiring.

Is there anything specific you do to keep your workspace inspiring?

Tidy. I’m OCD. Oh and Diptyque candles.

What role does location play with regards to your workspace?

Well, I’ve worked mainly in Gramercy for the last 12 years but now I’m located in SoHo which is great and bad at the same time. On the one hand, from an artistic point of view, you are surrounded by creativity and that invokes a good feeling. On the other, as a location surrounded by shopping tourists, it gets, well, annoying. And the Supreme releases every Thursday can test the most patient punter when trying to get a coffee on Lafayette.

How do your tastes differ in terms of aesthetics between your workspace and living space?

They really don’t to be honest. I have more homestyle furniture naturally at home. The furniture in my edit suite is specifically chosen by me but also kept in mind that clients come in and out so comfort and durability plays an important factor. You still want to represent yourself with your decor as much as you do when you dress yourself in the morning.

If you could add something new or change one thing about your space what would you do?

A balcony so I could get some air now and again. I’m pretty content as is, mind you. I’m very lucky and don’t take nothing for granted.

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