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Having taken a liking to sci-fi recently, Scarlett Johansson is back in Luc Besson’s new action movie Lucy. In the titular role, Johansson plays a drug mule working for the mob, in a city that is run by the underworld, drug addicts, and a corrupted police force set in a distant Taipei in 2069 AD. When the drug she is carrying accidentally enters her system, she turns into a metahuman capable of otherworldly powers such as absorbing knowledge instantly, moving objects with her mind, and an immunity to pain. As her powers increase she joins forces with a medical professor, played by Morgan Freeman, while the underworld chases her down. Also starring Oldboy‘s Min-sik Choi, Lucy looks like a typical Besson sci-fi that won’t be by the book. It releases in cinemas on August 8.

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