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Further justifying the role of tablets in our lives, Adobe brings their premier photo editing software Lightroom to Apple’s iPad. Just like on the computer, the program allows users to edit pictures saved in your catalog using a range of tools like exposure, color temperature, highlights, shadows and saturation. The app can also crop and apply Adobe’s built-in tone presets to photographs as well as import RAW files and display image details such as histogram. More advanced editing tools will arrive in future updates.

The mobile version of the app works on its own, of course, but shows its true potential when connected to your computer. Then, using a Creative Cloud account, it syncs collections back and forth, allowing users to edit pictures on the go and automatically updating to the latest version of each photo. All changes are seamlessly and losslessly transferred between devices. For instance, if you begin editing a photo on your iPad, you can continue exactly where you left off on the desktop.

Lightroom for the iPad is a free download but only for those who subscribed to Adobe’s Creative Cloud service. For $10 per month, you get access to Lightroom mobile, in addition to Photoshop CC and Lightroom for desktop. An iPhone and Android version should be available some time later this year.

Download your copy here.

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