First introduced in 2004, the patented V4 belt transmission wristwatch further consolidated TAG Heuer‘s status as one of the leading watchmakers in the world. Taking the whole concept to the next level, the Swiss brand managed to apply the groundbreaking technology to a tourbillon – the mechanical system for regulating the speed at which a watch beats. This state of the art piece boasts an automatic linear rewinding system, while the mass is guided by a linear railroad instead of a traditional rotating system. The four notched micro-thin transmission belts, the design and engineering of which remain a well-kept secret, create a very efficient shock-absorbing system. Another innovative design twist comes in the form of ball bearings, which hold and rotate the barrels.

Entirely handcrafted and assembled in TAG Heuer’s Haute Horlogerie workshops in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the watch will make its retail debut in the near future.

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