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Sporting goods and athletic shoe expert Matt Powell recently shared his thoughts via Forbes on whether or not he believes the “sneaker cycle” we live in today will ever end. The short answer: no. Powell makes several key points, including the fact that sneakers are the perfect accompaniment to jeans: “As long as we are in a strong denim period, sneakers will remain strong as well.” Additionally, Powell sheds light on how “Casual Friday” has turned into “Casual Every Day”:

Across the workplace landscape, the rules about appropriate business attire have relaxed. When I first started my business, client meetings required a necktie; 5 years ago, I wore dress shirt and slacks; now I take my meetings in jeans.

Furthermore, there is no doubt that right now the fashion world is focused on athletic apparel. We’re seeing more athletic apparel worn and incorporated as streetwear now than ever before. “As long as athletic apparel as streetwear remains popular, the sneaker business will remain strong.” These factors, plus a few others, taken together show that the strong demand for sneakers is not expected to subside any time soon. To read the entire article head on over to Forbes.

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