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Another Friday another This Week in Music feature, in which we hope to provide your weekend with a feast of wholesome musical offerings. This time around we present the full length documentary detailing the UK garage music scene, the newest talent from Flying Lotus’ record label Brainfeeder, Taylor McFerrin, releases a new single and a beautiful music video for Jamie xx’s newest single. Enjoy them all at your leisure over the weekend, or stockpile them for when things get slow at work next week.

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Taylor McFerrin – Early Riser feat. Nai Palm

Taylor McFerrin is an LA-based DJ, producer and vocalist signed to Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder imprint. For his most recent track “Early Riser,” which was released this week, he enlisted the help of Nai Palm to take to the vocals. It’s a nice slice of winding electronic soul that fits perfectly into the Brainfeeder catalogue, and perfectly into your Sunday afternoon. Enjoy via SoundCloud.


The house music pioneer Frankie Knuckles sadly passed away last week, and ever since the tributes have been rolling in. Detroit-born, Berlin-based producer and DJ Jimmy Edgar has since presented his ode to the legend, an edit of the Frankie Knuckles track, “Baby Wants to Ride.” It seamlessly blends the two producers’ distinctive styles along with their musical heritage, in celebration of Frankie Knuckles life, love and music. Listen to it via SoundCloud.


Miguel – How Many Drinks Rick Ross Remix

I’m a sucker for a sleazy slow jam, and Miguel is top of my go-to list. But sometimes even his crooning gets a little too much sometimes and that’s where Rick Ross comes in, because if there’s anything he isn’t, its sexy. So let Rozay’s silken, hairy-chested vocals wash over you, but try not to let them smother you. Check it out via SoundCloud.


Brandy & Coke Documentary

London-based magazine Dazed and Confused has produced this definitive documentary on the UK garage scene. Featuring some of the most pioneering DJs and producers of the scene, it gives a detailed look at the electronic music genre which originated in Chicago, but will forever be known for its catapult to popularity through London’s club scene. Watch it via Dazed Digital.


Jamie xx – Sleep Sound Music Video

Jamie xx released the first single of his upcoming album recently, Sleep Sound. London-based artist Sofia Mattioli has created its music video, the idea of which spawned from a recent occurrence. She was sat on a train listening to her personal music when a deaf woman came up to her and wrote to tell her that the way she was moving to the music made her feel like she could almost hear it herself. It gave her the idea to enlist members of the Manchester Deaf Institute, ranging from five to 27 years old, who responded to the music through its vibrations. Perhaps erring on overly sentimental at times, it’s a beautiful watch nonetheless. See the video for yourself here via Nowness.

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