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Kicking off with their exploration of subcultures initiated by photographer Danielle Levitt, Reebok Classic paid a visit to Twinsmatic and their friends in Paris just last week. In order to get to know the crew better, we take a closer look at the production duo and their creative cohorts.

Individually, each member of the group brings their own sense of style to the table, while together all nine mesh seamlessly. Patterns and prints, including streetwear essentials like camo and polka dot, act as accents against clean, sportswear-inspired outfits. A sense of elegance, meanwhile, is communicated through wide-brimmed caps and premium materials like leather. Silhouettes range from tight and controlled to loose and flowing, perfectly reflecting each Parisian’s personality.

A pair of Reebok Classic kicks top off each outfit, tying together each look. Twinsmatic opt for subtle pairs of Reebok Classic Leather’s, while Lou, a designer at Marc Jacobs, dons a clean pair of Freestyle Hi’s to accent her BAPE hoodie. Nico, a freelance illustrator, complements his Supreme MA-1 jacket and Carhartt WIP camo trousers with an equally crisp pair of all-white Workout Low’s. Matt and Tom of clothing brand Parifornie keep things tonal with a pair of Reebok Classic x Palace Skateboards Classic Leather (sitting below a stylish and mostly hidden African Boubou) and GL 6000’s, respectively. Elsewhere, the duo’s friends sport classic retro styles including the Insta Pump Fury and Pump Graphlite.

Check out the crew in detail above, visit Twinsmatic on Instagram and stay tuned for more installments in Reebok Classic Subcultures.

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