Tune in and turn up

The rap game has always placed a lot of emphasis on the paper in your pocket – arguably more so than any other music genre – but now international business bible Forbes has turned its financial microscope on some of hip-hop’s most ballin’ to find out just how fat those stacks really are.

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that Puff Diddy/P. Diddy/Sean “Bad-Boy-For-Life-Until-I-Change-My-Name-Again” Combs tops that list, with a personal wealth portfolio estimated at $700 million. With his fledgling Revolt TV venture just finding its feet, he’s the top tip to become hip-hop’s first billionaire. Dre and Jay are locked in a close battle for the second and third spot, with $550m and $530m respectively, while Cash Money Records boss Bryan “Birdman” Williams inches fourth at $160m. Not one to be left out, 50 Cent props up the top 5 with a bank balance of $140m made largely from, err, vitaminwater.

Given the names involved in this list and the number of years they’ve spent amassing their piles of gold, it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing any new faces knock them off their perch any time soon. Unless, of course, Kim Dotcom does actually continue that failed hip-hop career. Then we all have much bigger things to worry about…

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