Despite this weekend’s two-day extension thanks – as always – to bank holidays, we’re still here to deliver a summary of the week’s musical occurrences. It’s been a great week for me, as I discovered the music and video, of singer-songwriter and product of an Internet environment, Spooky Black. Also on board for this week’s feature is an unheard track by J Dill, and the controversial music video for Sky Ferreira’s track, “I Blame Myself.”

Take your time to enjoy them at your leisure over the four-day weekend. In the meantime, check out past This Week in Music features here.

MoRuf – “Tangerine/Her”

We’ve previously posted a video of MoRuf‘s “Buckle Up,” which was beautifully shot by the Street Etiquette guys. Now the wordsmith has dropped another video, this time for his hybrid track “Tangerine/Her.” The video once again sees him cooing after a beautiful girl, but who’s complaining when it all looks this nice? Watch it now via YouTube.


Sky Ferreira – “I Blame Myself”

This week, Sky Ferreira made another controversial move with the release of her “I Blame Myself” music video. She’s been attacked for racism following accusations that she used black dancers as props. Ferreira responded to criticisms with the following statement via Facebook:

Check the video out for yourself, which is streaming via SSENSE.


Spooky Black – “Without You”

I’ve only just come across Spooky Black, but I’m making up for lost time because I’ve been bumping this song non-stop since I first heard it. He’s a product of an Internet environment, but this Caucasian sensation* actually has a really decent voice. And the song is dope. There’s barely anything to dislike about him. How can anyone hate on a guy who rocks a turtle neck and a stocking do-rag and makes it look cool as hell? Check him out for yourself via YouTube.


Kelis – Food

Her first album release on an independent label was a big move, so naturally we’ve been expecting big things from Kelis. I like an album with a strong concept and this one is centered around another of my likes: food, with names like “Breakfast,” “Jerk Ribs” and “Biscuits N’ Gravy.” The whole album is currently available to stream via The Guardian.


J Dilla – “Give Em What They Want”

We’re still waiting on that previously-lost J Dilla vocal album that was originally completed in the 2000s. It features Dilla’s rapping over beats by Madlib, Pete Rock, House Shoes and more. To keep us patient while we wait, here’s another song from The Diary which is available to stream via SoundCloud. As of yet, there’s still unfortunately no confirmed date of release for The Diary.

*Source Complex

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