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According to rumors that first started coming up yesterday, Nike has let go the majority of its Nike FuelBand team and will soon stop making wearable technology. To many this might come as a big surprise, after all the efforts that the brand has put into this section of its business over the last years. Once you take a closer look at the decision and realize that they actually might want to stop producing the hardware, but not the software, the decision starts to make sense. One thing is communicating directly with your end consumer on a regular basis through software, apps and community online platforms. Staying on top of the hardware game though, and competing with tech giants in that field is a totally different undertaking. With many others moving into the space, Nike might have understood that it is easier to ingrate their software in the future in other brands’ hardware then constantly innovating on both ends. The rumor has not been confirmed yet, but it does make sense to us. For now you can still buy the Nike FuelBand from, but that might be changing soon. What do you think?

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