Tune in and turn up

There’s no denying that we’re in an age of music where the more inventive/surprising you are with the way in which you deliver a project, the better it is for an artist in terms of sales and viral marketing potential. Case in point, Jack White’s new live project in which he played “Lazaretto” as well as a B-side cover of Elvis Presley’s 1969 song “Power of My Love” – all of which ended up recorded, pressed, assembled and available for sale at the store in just under four hours. In turn, he indeed created “the world’s fastest record.” According to Rolling Stone, “The two songs were cut directly to acetate, and the masters were rushed from the Blue Room to United Record Pressing to make the 45s, with a sleeve featuring photos taken during the performance.” The previous Guinness World Record was set by Swiss polka trio Vollgas Kompanie, who issued their album Live on August 16, 2008, the day after they recorded it.

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