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A new bike build that appeals on many levels, Toronto based company Vanhawks put their Valour to the Kickstarter test. Described as “the world’s first carbon fiber smart bike,” weighing in at just 16 pounds and ergonomically designed to relieve pressure on the spine, this innovative ride takes in the human element of cycling alongside all those jazzy gadgets and high spec features. Speaking of which, low energy bluetooth provides connection via iOS, android and pebble, allowing you to track your stolen bike, measure calories burned, distance traveled and speed. Smart. Additionally, the handlebars carry a clever little trick, LED indicators send you left or right on a GPS planned journey, a discreet light eliminating the distraction of a smartphone screen. Safety first, the bike also utilises haptic feedback, a sensor triggering a buzz to alert you to any dangers in your blind spot, an industry first. Still in its Kickstarter phase, get involved over here.

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