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During our recent visit to ICNY’s Studio in Brooklyn, we met the humble team that runs LQQK Studio – a print operation that handles everything from silkscreen and fashion samples, to art prints and letter-press business cards. Founder Alex Dondero tells us, “We only work with people who respect our abilities and don’t ask us to be robotic digital printers.” This sensibility has landed them impressive clients from artists like Tom Sachs and Lucien Smith, to labels like TheoryPatrik Ervell, DeerDana and Richardson Mag.

With such a high level of craft and precision, LQQK is definitely not for everyone. In the age of “I have a tee shirt brand,” we’ve seen DIY print shops pop up left and right to accommodate the growing demand. We applaud those who do things the right way – those who uphold the often lost values of craftsmanship and working with your hands. LQQK is one of those rare finds and we are pleased to give you a look inside their operation. Walk with us through their space in the gallery above.

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