We are back with another special dedicated to those publishing their own work on Tumblr. It’s always a real treat coming across those doing their thing be it 35mm, medium format, digital, portraiture, landscape, still life, street photography and anything else. As a photo exhibit curator, it’s something I am always looking out for as far as Tumblrs to follow goes, so if you are posting your own photos on your blog, please share it in the comment section! Share yours regardless but please let us know if you share your own original work.


Jared Chambers

Jared is a personal friend of mine. He really kills it with any camera he has in hand be it his Contax T3, Mamiya 7ii or anything digital.


Deborah Feingold

Her celebrity portraiture is amazing. Deborah has captured a who’s who of popular culture. Really stoked on this one.


Emiliano Granado

If you frequent our site, then you have undoubtedly seen Emiliano’s work. He shoots for Outlier on the reg, but in addition to that, this prolific fellow shoots a ton of other stuff be it stuff for Yonder Journal, or killer personal projects.


Daisuke Kanie

Really fond of Daisuke’s nature photography. There’s a lot of cool stuff, but those photos from the forest and other scenic areas are where it’s at here.


The Young Kimosabe

Young Kimosabe has the distinct advantage of living in Alaska, which makes for great photographic content. This guy and his pals are always out creating some really nice imagery of this incredible place.

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